how to write motivation letter for scholarship

How to Revise a Motivation Letter for Scholarship

Motivation letter for scholarship doesn’t happen in a day. You need to recheck and revise in order to create a perfect motivation letter. Here are the tips on how to revise it.

Ask someone to read it

One thing before you revise your motivation letter is by giving someone a chance to read it. You can ask your sister, teacher, or even your friend who have the good academic ability. Having someone’s opinion about your motivation letter can help you revise which part needs to be fixed. Their opinions matter because they can help you which aspect is lack of your professionality or out of topic or maybe lack of consistency. Your close friends, colleagues, or even your family as the readers can react whether your motivation letter is easy to understand or little bit going around the bush. Remember that you need someone who capable to give you suggestion. It’s impossible to ask opinion from your 15-year-old sister, right?

Take a rest and then start to revise

Check and revise your motivation letter over and over will not help you to see the mistake. Instead of forcing yourself every single day to revise it, why don’t you take a break for a while? When your brain has a rest, it will come back with a fresher idea and that’s the right time to check your letter again. You will be more careful in revising the letter and more focus on what words those are not relevant to your arguments or topic. Make sure there are no jumping ideas from one paragraph to another paragraph. Check your supporting argument and make a clearer explanation about what you’ve done. Don’t forget that your obvious arguments should be the highlight of the whole writing.

In conclusion, your close people’s opinion can help you revise the motivation letter for scholarship. You also need to take a break instead of checking it every day. Good luck!

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