How to apply scholarshhip to europe

Planning to Get a Scholarship to Europe? Try These 3 Best References!

Are you interested to continue your study and get a scholarship to Europe? The good news is there are plenty options of the scholarship that you can try to reach your dream. Below are three references that you can give it a try:

1. Scholarship in Denmark

There are many scholarship (ranging from post graduate up to post doctoral) options that you can get in Denmark such as post graduate scholarship in Aarhus University, post doctoral scholarship in Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark and many other universities. Though the available scholarships are mainly for post doctoral degree, however, this can also be the best option when you are planning to continue your study until post doctoral degree.

2. Scholarship in Prague

Prague, a city that currently becomes very popular for its tourism, can also be in your list to apply scholarship to Europe.  There are several scholarships that you can apply such as Prague Government scholarships, Scholarship Awards under Bilateral International Agreements up to the university scholarships. One of the best deal that you can get once you are accepted is the living allowance for the first year as much as 700 Czech Crown or around 250 euro per month. Though the scholarship is partial funded, however, if you have outstanding achievement during the first year of your study, you have the chance to get additional allowance fee or free tuition fee from your university.

3. Hungarian scholarship Board (HSB)

If you are planning to get a scholarship in Europe, then, applying to HSB can be the best answer. This scholarship provides you quite complete programs ranging from summer courses lasting for 2-4 weeks, partial post graduate scholarships, full postgraduate scholarship, postgraduate research, up to post doctoral research. The first option can be your best choice as you will be free from summer tuition. Moreover, you are also able to get free meals and accommodation.

Those are all the three best references to apply scholarship to Europe.

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